We are dedicated to helping you navigate the route to a clean and efficient energy future.

The energy landscape is changing rapidly and riddled with uncertainty. We help you reduce that uncertainty. As experts in the distributed energy resource and energy efficiency space, we are passionate about applying advanced modeling techniques to help answer your most pressing questions. We apply System Dynamics, linear and nonlinear optimization, Monte Carlo analysis, consumer choice theory, and other sophisticated methods – with a particular focus on distributed energy resources – to help shed light on the path ahead. 

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Simulating distributed energy resource adoption

The Distributed Energy Resource (DER) market is evolving quickly, and the pace of change is accelerating. We help you understand where it's headed – over time and spatially. We can accurately assess the economics of and forecast market adoption of distributed energy resources, including rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV), battery storage, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency resources. We offer industry-leading approaches and unparalleled accuracy in our forecasts, taking the guesswork out of understanding the future of these markets.

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decision support tools – tailor-made for you

Most business decision tools are woefully inadequate for the challenges you face. With the Analytica® software platform, we can take you light-years beyond what you could ever accomplish with spreadsheets or other solutions – improving capability, flexibility, and transparency. We can provide you with customized decision support and modeling tools that will give you more capability than you ever thought possible, improving your ability to make smart decisions and investments.

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system dynamics modeling

We live in a complex world – one that is ill-suited to simplistic solutions. We have 15 years of experience applying the System Dynamics methodology – an approach conceived and cultivated in the halls of MIT – to simulate the behavior of complex systems. The models our staff have developed have been used in dozens of client engagements with some of the largest electric utilities, regulatory agencies, and conservation organizations in North America. Incorporation of relevant feedback loops, stocks and flows in our models is enhanced by our ability to integrate these models with linear or nonlinear optimization and Monte Carlo analysis – making our approach second to none.

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integrated resource planning
solar photovoltaic adoption
solar plus battery storage
We serve electric utilities, regulatory agencies, conservation agencies, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations throughout North America.

“Cory Welch is a Grandmaster in the art and science of creating credible decision models that bring real insight. He is one of the very best in the business.”

Max Henrion, CEO of Lumina Decision Systems

“Cory has done exceptional work for us. He took a legacy system with complicated math and economic structures and redeveloped and improved the system substantially. I definitely recommend him.”

Ben Kujala, Director of Power Planning, Northwest Power and Conservation Council

“Cory brought a fantastic combination of skill to the tasks: energy expertise, project management, modeling techniques, and - critically - his ability to think systemically and to implement (and teach) Systems Dynamics principles.”

Michael Leifman, US Department of Energy
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Passionate about bringing clarity to a complex world
Cory Welch is the Founding Principal of Lumidyne Consulting. He is a former U.S. Naval Officer who earned his SM in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell. He has more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry, the last 15 of which have focused on developing and applying computer models to solve complex problems related to clean energy.

Formerly a Director in Navigant Consulting's Energy Practice and a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,  Cory has developed dozens of sophisticated modeling solutions in the renewable energy and energy efficiency space. A select few examples include models that:
  • Calculate the economics and forecast adoption of distributed energy resources, including solar PV, and battery storage
  • Optimize supply and demand side resource acquisition in the Pacific Northwest, considering uncertainty and risk
  • Optimize the dispatch of demand response resources
  • Forecast adoption of energy efficiency technologies
  • Optimize deployment of energy efficiency programs
  • Calculate the likely benefits and costs of smart grid technologies, considering uncertainty and risk
Cory has domain expertise in distributed energy resources, energy efficiency, and advanced technology vehicles. His technical skills include expertise in System Dynamics, technology diffusion, linear and nonlinear optimization, Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis, consumer choice theory, Discrete Choice Analysis, and discounted cash flow models. Most of his career has focused on distributed energy resources, such as solar PV, battery storage, energy efficiency, and demand response. He has delivered modeling analysis and tools to dozens of energy clients, including many of the largest investor-owned utilities, regulatory agencies, non-profit conservation agencies, planning authorities, and manufacturers in North America.
We collaborate with a renowned team of experts to ensure we bring the right resources to each client engagement
Floyd Keneipp is a founding Principal at Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC (Tierra) and is a registered professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in developing technical and business requirements for complex engineering projects. Tierra is a California-based energy and natural resource consulting firm established in 2013. Its founding staff has been at the leading edge of the energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource management industry for the last three decades.
Founder and CEO of Lumina Decision Systems, Max Henrion, PhD, has 35 years of experience as a researcher, educator, software designer, consultant, and entrepreneur, specializing in the design and effective use of decision technologies. He is the lead designer of Lumina’s flagship product line, Analytica – the software about which PC Week said “Everything that’s wrong with the common spreadsheet is fixed in Analytica” – and has led teams to create decision-support tools in a wide variety of applications including energy, environment, R&D management, healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace, security, and consumer choice.
Scott Dimetrosky is the president and founder of Apex Analytics LLC, a boutique consultancy focused on planning and evaluation of energy efficiency programs. Scott has led planning and evaluation studies for dozens of utility energy-efficiency programs over the course of 20+ years, and is a nationally recognized expert in residential lighting programs. Scott’s team at Apex has expertise in energy efficiency across all customer sectors (residential, commercial, and industrial) and end uses, and is available to assist with energy-efficiency-related modeling or forecasting engagements.
Brad Rogers has an SM in Engineering Systems from MIT and an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management. He is the founder and Principal Consultant of Tritone Scientific. He has ten years of professional experience in the energy industry including demand side program evaluation, cost effectiveness, potential forecasting, market modeling, market transformation, grid modernization investments, and developing energy products. Brad has quantitative expertise in the fields of decision optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, system dynamics, risk analysis, machine learning, and statistics.
Torsten Rohner is a founder and Managing Partner at Syconomic GmbH – a boutique consulting firm specializing in building decision support models. He has over 15 years experience in financial modeling, risk analysis and modeling, and corporate treasury. His clients are well-known German and European companies of various industries. His passion is to solve problems by combining novel, unconventional, interdisciplinary ways of thinking. Experience spans multiple industries and a broad range of modeling challenges.

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